Taylor Penn

Where are you from?
Forney, Texas

About Me
I am an avid nature exploring, coffee drinking, cat loving, human being. Whenever I get the chance, I venture to new places to gather ideas among different cultures and expose myself to new experiences. Articulating how others outside of my social realm think, live, communicate, and relate to one another greatly influences my view of the world as a graphic designer. I am a detail oriented go-getter who doesn’t stop [sleep] until the job is done. My work encompasses a wide array of formats including brand identity, publication, motion graphics, and web/app design. I believe successful design is not limited to making something look good, but more so creating impactful solutions with purpose. Good design is attractive, but great design is effective.

Go-to Phrase
WWJJJJD (What Would Joe/Jane/Juan or Juana Do) – Michael Gibson

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