Taylor Dumas

Where are you from?
Flower Mound, Texas

About Me
I am dyslexic, which means I primarily use the left side of my brain. Because of this, throughout school I have always been a visual learner and creative thinker, so right away I knew my future would involve some form of art or visual communication. My journey to design began with sketching cartoons in elementary school, then photography, and around high school I started learning about design at Career Center East. At first I didn’t really like the class, but I forced myself to stick with it and took two more semesters at CCE. I soon learned all the incredible things you can do with design and how much design impacts our daily lives. By my senior year I had fallen in love with design and knew it was what I wanted to do for the rest of my life.

Favorite memory in the Communication Design program.
My favorite memory was probably the look on my mom’s face when I told her I made it into the program.