Talisha Visser

Where are you from?
Austin, Texas

About Me
Hi there, I’m Talisha Visser. My love for design started with a fascination for Photoshop. I wanted to know how designers made advertisements look out of this world, so I went to figured it out myself. Little did I know that my curiosity would spiral into a career one day. At first, I thought that I would become a fine artist, but I believe my background with fine art has made me a designer who blends new technologies with classical craftsmanship to create designs that people resonate with and enjoy. I love helping others and design is a perfect way for me to use my talents to do so. When I’m not designing, I like to go on outdoor adventures, read a good book in a hammock or coffee shop, or cook some really good food.

Favorite memory in the Communication Design program:
Throughout the years, it would have to be the way that the class of 2020 would always build and lift one another up in rough times. Even when we would be brutally honest with one another during critiques, we knew it was out of love.

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