Sharon Mathew

Where are you from?
My mother’s womb (it was in Dallas then).

About Me
Hello! My name is Sharon. I am an empathetic thinker and systematic designer. I love taking on a challenge, learning new things, creating impact and beauty, and most of all, helping others.

I will be using my degree to pursue a career in environmental graphic design and to satisfy my “UX mind” and “graphic design eyes.” I stumbled onto this path after designing the UNT Union’s wayfinding system, and it was a 9 month project that kept me excited from beginning to end. I didn’t want the fun to end there, so I decided to pursue this career path full-time. (Wish me luck!)

If you are new around here or an old friend revisiting this page, I’d love to say hello! You can contact me through the social channels linked or via e-mail at (And if you are future Sharon, I hope you look back on this page with fond memories.)

Favorite memory in the communication design program:
There are too many favorite memories just to pick one, but one memory I will never forget is when Karen blatantly asked a student in our Type 1 class if they made their project in Microsoft Word. That’s when I knew I was in for a long journey through the program… Now being nearly at the end, I can say it was totally worth it.