Rachel Bride

Where are you from?
Cypress, Texas

About Me
Hey there! I grew up loving all kinds of art from drawing, painting, photography, and culinary arts. In high school, I discovered I could do all those things as a designer AND make a decent living. My family is full of engineers so despite my parent’s efforts, I came to UNT to pursue Communication Design. I’m not sure if I will end up as a graphic designer, photographer, food blogger, or owning my own coffee shop in the mountains one day but I’m excited to know that all those things are a possibility. Other than art, I love playing MMORPG’s and watching historical era romance movies, traveling, thrift shopping, sewing, and weight lifting (totally beats running).

What’s your go-to phrase in this program/life?
“Everything happens for a reason” I was a freshman at the University of Texas in San Antonio, planning on transferring to UT in Austin the following year. My significant other at the time was graduating high school and going to attend the University of North Texas. I looked it up and saw the Communication Design program which completely changed my college plans. Without even visiting, I signed an apartment lease in Denton and transferred. Things ended between us but I was exactly where I was supposed to be. College had a lot of ups and downs, friends made and lost, and life lessons to be had. But so far everything has happened for a reason and I know wherever I end up is meant to be.