Peyton Hale

Where are you from?
Humble, Texas

About Me

Hey, I’m Peyton Hale—graphic designer, cat parent, lover of digital media, and player of too many video games. My love of graphic design came out of the blue during my sophomore year of high school, where a class I took on a whim became my foremost passion. After going through the three year program and interning for some local businesses, I figured this path was for me, and I’ve been pursuing it ever since. My areas of specialty are digital, motion, and web design.

When I’m not designing, I’ve got a wealth hobbies to keep me occupied—costume design, creative writing, gaming, reading, staring at my apartment wall. Regular creative things.

What is something that’s always on your work desk?
A giant carton of Goldfish crackers, and my cat trying to get into the giant carton of Goldfish crackers.

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 Peyton Hale