Nicolas Delgadillo Morales

What city are you from?
Houston, Texas (but Bogota, Colombia originally)

About Me
I will always attribute my interest in design to my parents. My mom taught me how to be creative and express myself through art and music, whereas my dad taught me how to think critically, analyze problems, and figure out how to solve them. Communication design, for me, is the perfect blend of problem solving and creativity. This way of thinking is what defines my design approach: Design for the client, not for yourself. On a project-to-project basis, I work hard to ensure that I do not force my visual style or preferences onto them unless it is appropriate, and this allows me to have a portfolio that is diverse both visually and conceptually. Outside of design, I enjoy relaxing by watching movies or shows, playing guitar, or playing a good game.

What’s something that’s is always on your work desk?
It isn’t on my desk, but I always keep my guitar right next to my desk for relatively quick breaks when I need them.

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