Nathan Amstutz

What city are you from?
Austin, Texas

About Me
Hey! I’m Nathan, a communication designer from Austin with a passion for visual branding. I applied to UNT as a printmaker, but found myself studying communication design on the advice of a friend’s friend (which turned out to be really good advice). My absolute favorite thing about design is breaking rules. Modern communication design stands on the shoulders of centuries of groundbreaking innovation, and putting the ground rules to the test is one of my favorite design practices.

When I’m not sitting at my work desk, I’m playing Guitar Hero with friends, tinkering with cars, or pursuing my second career as a Michelin-starred vegan chef (we’ll see about that one. Currently working on cooking garlic without burning it).

What’s something that is always on your work desk?
My copy of AZTDR, my own post-it note reminding me to “try not to suck,” and several very loving and encouraging notes written by my girlfriend.

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