Nate Amador

What city are you from?
Irving, Texas, USA

About me
My name is Nate Amador. I’m a first generation college student. I began my studies at UNT in 2010 as a Business major, but Life quickly got in the way, and that caused me to have to temporarily suspend my studies. A few years later, Life had changed in some positive ways that made it possible for me to get back to UNT, and I decided to take the chance on enrolling in the new the User Experience Design program in the Department of Design. Starting my UXD coursework awakened my dormant love for design and design processes. This also helped me begin to develop many other thinking and making skills and strategies as I was challenged to complete project-based coursework. As my new career as a UX designer evolves, I hope to support those whose important, life-affirming stories are not often told, and help them spread their positive understandings. I love sports and the positive social, cultural and political impact that athletes such as Muhammad Ali, Kobe Bryant, and countless others have created.

What is something that’s always within arm’s reach when you’re working and why?
My headphones—I just throw on some Kid Cudi or Frank Ocean and then I’m fine. Music has always been an important part of my creative process.

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