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About Me
Naomi Divine grew up in the heart of Texas. After graduating high school, she headed to the University of North Texas to study Visual Communication Design. Naomi currently works as a part-time graphic designer at UNT Dining Services while also being a freelance illustrator and graphic designer. She is available for commercial work, tabling events, and other creative projects. Naomi is interested in illustrative work that focuses on mental health and social issues. Her art is heavily focused on the human form and positivity with one’s self-image, which she uses to explore concepts of identity, anxiety, depression, and healthy self image. She is currently focused on pushing into the digital realm of UI/UX to reach a larger audience. Her outside interests include wildlife conservation, social equality, and positive mental health; all of which she is actively pursues in her free time both within and outside of her artistic practice.

What’s something that’s is always on your work desk?
Sketchbook, Ipad, external hard drive, food, phone, headphones

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 Naomi Antonino