Michael Wood

Where are you from?
Grand Junction, Colorado (and California, Delaware, Virginia, Illinois, Oklahoma and Texas)

About Me
Howdy! I’m a visual designer looking to experience unexplored places and create unconventional solutions. I have an interest in research, experimental design, illustration, marketing, and innovative methodologies. My primary career goal is to take broad ideas and transform them into streamlined images and visually exciting concepts for everyone to understand. I hope that one day I can be in a position within my career that blends all practices into one big, gooey, beautiful and delicious design blob. I enjoy research covering Contemporary Art theory and philosophy specifically within Design and sociological fields. I also love all sorts of Asian cuisine, YouTube shows, and obsessively playing Splatoon.

What’s your designer playlist?
Hærk!DizzeHappy happyFrench DressingNighttime Driving