Madeline Cedillo

Where are you from?
Dallas TX

About Me
Hi there! My name is Madeline Cedillo and I had always had a love for creating my own things since I was young. Growing up in a house full of creators there was never a dull moment in my childhood, from creating games with my mom or going on photoshoots with my dad. I enjoyed drawing and photography in high school but never really knowing where it could lead me. I then discovered the amazing Communication Design program at UNT and have never been the same. I’ve learned so much about design but also about people and the stories they have to tell. When I’m not designing I love hanging out with my best friend and fellow UNT designer Janette Hernandez, jamming out to BTS and making my brothers next gig poster.

What’s on your designer playlist?
BTS, J.Cole, Dean, Beyonce, OutKast, Kendrick Lamar and Heize.

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