Lexi Palmer

Where are you from?
Austin, Texas

About Me
When I was younger, I wanted to be the person who made book covers (so that I would get to read books and make art for a living) and someone told me that was called graphic design. I eventually learned there’s a lot more to graphic design than book covers, but that wasn’t a deal breaker. In fact, one of my favorite things about being a designer is that we have the ability to design so many different things. (I did finally make a book cover.) I also love using design to create cohesive systems, whether that’s in a typeface, a brand campaign, or a group of illustrations.

When I’m not designing, I still read books and make art. I also like to knit.

Whats’s your favorite memory in the Communication Design program?
Everyone being in the printing lab for hours before a project was due, sharing tools, food, and stress.

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  Lexi Palmer