Koré Siller Ramos

What city are you from?
Coppell, Texas / Monterrey, Mexico

About Me
Hello, I’m Koré. I am interested in branding and illustration. When I think about what got me into design, I’d have to say ‘people’. As much as I loved drawing, when it came down to deciding what to do, I realized that what really made me happy was when I got to see how people reacted to things, I drew for them. Though, I did have a phase where I wanted to be a book editor. Going through the program made me realize that I truly wanted and belonged in the field of design. Besides designing and illustrating, I dabble in writing (mostly creative writing and poetry). I also love to hunt out new music to put it into my collection. Plants are also a hobby of mine—though it might be an addiction now.

I’d say my approach to design is focused on storytelling. I am very interested in how concepts can come to life through visuals and how that can manifest into a brand.

What’s something that is always on your work desk?
A Pilot G-2—size 0.38. This pen is the link between my thoughts and the corporeal.