Kay Kowaleski

What city are you from?
Raleigh, NC, USA

About Me
Hey, I’m Kay! I’m a creative just trying to figure out how to navigate this crazy world we’ve inherited. My passions lie in exploring humane technology and co-creative, equity-centered design.

I’ve grown up alongside what has been an exponential expansion in technology as it has come to increasingly augment our lives and lived experiences. We live in two worlds now, at a frontier leading to new possibilities for communication, connection, and coordination. Technology is a massive and dynamically evolving force, and I believe we as designers have a responsibility to leverage it as a means to empower our ability to come together to support what is good for the many, rather than exploit our natural impulses.

When I’m not trying to deconstruct broken systems, I like to write, roller skate, make music, and meet new people. ’Hope we can learn from each other!

What is your go-to phrase as a designer?
“Before you are a designer, you are a human being.”

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