Kaitlyn Kennedy 

What city are you from?
Good Ol’ Carrollton, Texas 

About Me
In Junior High, I could never really find my niche. I was fixated on how things were displayed and fascinated by how art made me feel. I always enjoyed looking at posters and packaging and never knew “graphic design” was a term or even a profession. Then one day, I was lucky enough to be the kid to tell my parents that I wanted to do design for the rest of my life and boom! Here I am with a degree four years later, getting to do something I love for a career. I’m a huge believer that I’m someone who can shape the world by what I do and maybe make a tiny bit of a difference with what I create. 

What is your go-to phrase as a designer?
“You can’t guarantee a win, but you can guarantee a fight.” -Nike