Justin Piel

What city are you from?
Plano, TX

About Me
Hey! My name is Justin and I’m a designer from North Texas. I’ve always been a music lover which played a lot into how I spent my time in Denton and my early growth as a designer. For the past few years, I have been exploring an interest in screen printing and hope to continue making physical pieces and working with musicians and local artists to further have an impact on how people come together and celebrate each other after graduation. In my first year of classes, two design systems forever changed how I thought about design: the Neue Grafik journal covers and RAYGUN magazine. Since then, I’ve been interested in finding ways to incorporate the pleasing rigidity and grids of the International Typographic Style with the emotional rawness and freedom of “grunge design” in my work. It has taught me that learning the rules is important because then you realize they are fake and only apply if you want them to.

What’s on your designer playlist?
I’m big on albums so lots of prog rock, but the Big Three for Design Atmosphere while at UNT have been the Atoms for Peace album, Thom Yorke’s The Eraser, and Flea’s Helen Burns EP. And so much Guided by Voices.

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