Julyssa S-J Casanova

What city are you from?
Garland, TX, USA

About Me
Hi there! My name is Julyssa and I’m a User Experience Designer, Researcher, and ceramics enthusiast. As long as I can remember, I’ve been empathetic to the people around me. That, combined with my dual interests in problem-framing and problem-solving, made applying to the User Experience Design track in UNT’s Department of Design a no-brainer. Over the course of my four years of being enrolled in this program, many of my projects revolved around informing, improving, and creating design outcomes that centered around identifying and meeting the real needs of low-income and disadvantaged people.

This focus has helped shaped my dream to utilize my passion for UX design and the skills and knowledge I’ve constructed as a UX designer to improve the lives and lived experiences of those who need it most. Though these four years in the UXD program were filled with countless, often sleepless and anxious nights as I grappled with many different types of design challenges, it’s a bit disheartening to be leaving it. Thanks to the professors and my fellow classmates, I’ve been able to strengthen my design knowledge and skills, and I feel confident to continue improving these for many years down the line.

When I’m not hovering over my computer to work on projects, I’m spending quality time with my family or working with clay. My choice to minor in ceramics came after I found peace of mind whilst throwing on the wheel. Doing this also gave me, and still gives me, a creative outlet outside of UX design.

What’s something that is always on your work desk?
A pen and a notebook/sticky notes: I tend to get antsy and will doodle out a pattern to help me re-focus and concentrate. It also comes in handy when I have those light bulb moments and need to scribble an idea down before it leaves my mind.

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