Julieta Moran

Where are you from?
Buenos Aires, Argentina

About Me
I was raised all over the world and have been in contact with many cultures, people and languages. My lifestyle has been a huge influence on my passion for design. Being able to convey a message visually, without a language barrier is fascinating to me. Design allows me to do just that and I want to create impactful work that communicates a strong concept and hopefully can make a difference.

What’s something that’s always on your work desk?
Well, you see, I used to be scared of candles, but now I can’t work without one on my desk. I probably buy new candles weekly, and never the same scent twice. 

But here’s a little more backstory … I cannot leave the room if the candle is lit. I will blow it out, leave, come back, and light it back up. Weird. I know!