Jasmyn Fall

What city are you from?
Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA

About me
Hello! I’m Jasmyn. Growing up, I collected aesthetically pleasing magazines, asked adults a lot of questions, and was always searching for new creative avenues to explore. Until I found a home in user experience design, I had no idea that the driving forces that fueled these deep interests in me were an intrinsic passion for research and design. I love UX design because it gives me the room I need to be myself, and to be true to myself; to seek answers to meaningful questions, to care for others, and create beauty in the world. In doing so, I’m following through on my commitment to engage in ethical design approaches as I strive to discover new ways to help others improve their lives in an imperfect world. When I’m not designing, I like to spend my free time engaged in an ever-changing array of creative pursuits, reading books, and enjoying the beauty of nature.

What is something that’s always within arm’s reach when you’re working and why?
A notebook for all the random ideas that come into my mind throughout the day that I want to explore later. As for getting to these ideas, one day…

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