Jake Watson

Where are you from?
Allen, Texas

About Me
I wandered into the UNT comm design program not knowing what to expect. I had always been a good artist, but after seeing the work of my roommates who were in the com design program I decided to change my major from computer science to graphic design. My process involves gathering images that relate to the project and the audience. These images range from graphic styles to photographs that have the mood I’m trying to capture. From there I start sketching ideas, and eventually I’ll get on the computer and work towards the final product. Though my hobbies have gone by the wayside these past four years, I’ve managed to become a decent guitar player, by practicing during breaks and downtime. I will always enjoy a good video game and I’ve been to Raising Canes roughly 50 times in the past half year, effectively lowering my life expectancy by 10 years.

What’s something that’s is always on your work desk?
A Large Coke Slurpee

Favorite memory in the Communication Design program.
Hanging out with my fellow classmates at the bars after a long week of designing. / accidentally burning my final illustration for Karen’s color and image class.


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