Hyejung Ko

Where are you from?
Seoul, South Korea

About Me
Hello. You can just call me Ko! I was born and raised in Seoul, South Korea. My passion towards design, along with my curiosity, brought me to this country. I have a strong passion for creating practical and engaging visual experiences through a cohesive design system. Therefore, the communication design program at UNT seemed like a perfect fit for me. After graduating, I hope to be somewhere I can continuously grow both as a person and designer, who motivates people, strengthens communities, and has a positive impact. When I am not designing or thinking about how to make the world better place, you can catch me traveling, watching movies and playing with my cat, Sogeum (Salt in Korean), while sipping boba hehe. Nice meeting you!

What is your go-to phrase in this program/life?
Everything will be fine…

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 Hyejung Ko