Heather Robinson

Where are you from?
Plano TX

About Me
Hi there! I’m Heather Robinson, a designer who is passionately curious about the world around her and human-centered design. Since a young age I enjoyed music, visual arts and photography as hobbies and always envisioned a career that followed a creative path. Starting in middle school my interest turned toward Graphic Design, which led to taking two years of courses in high school, followed by pursuing a major in the Communication Design program at UNT. Throughout my studies, I have concluded that one of the most important tools for success in design and in life is to be empathetic, because it allows us to better support others.

When I’m not designing, I enjoy playing tennis, rock climbing, traveling, going to live concerts & hockey games, and of course spending time with friends and family.

Favorite memory in the Communication Design program.
My favorite memory is when my fellow design classmates and I got together to capture a group photo because it symbolized a moment of pride in the four years we’ve been on this crazy journey together.