Gabrielle Klosterman 

Where are you from?
The Colony, TX, USA 

About Me
Hello! I’m Gabrielle Klosterman, a User Experience designer who currently resides in the Denton, Texas area. Throughout high school, I struggled to find my passion, but when I hit college at UNT and discovered UX Design, I knew it was the right field for me. My projects are guided by my primary focus on identifying and then critically examining the needs and wants of whoever I’m designing for. I’ve learned to design and then use the results I get from engaging in a variety of types of research approaches and methods to guide the creation of my work. This also guides how I design and then arrange the design elements I use across the systems I prototype and test in ways that help my target users work as efficiently and effectively as they can. I’m striving to find a job and a career path that allows me to continue working in the kinds of great team environments that I’ve learned to love during my experiences in the UXD program at UNT. 

What’s on your designer playlist?
In order to start getting motivated, I always have to turn on some Reggaeton (Bad Bunny especially!)