Erica Niwa

Where are you from?
Lewisville, Texas

About Me
Being raised in a multicultural diverse family taught me how to communicate, understand

others, and see situations from different perspectives. This upbringing deeply affected my way of thinking and design approach. To me, design is not just about visual aesthetics; design is mainly about creating solutions to problems and improving the lives of people and society.
My goal is to use my design skills as atool to help others and to serve a greater purpose. My portfolio work primarily focuses on human-centered design, specifically towards non-profit organizations to help children or to raise awareness of the current problems in Sub-Saharan Africa. I plan to pursue a career in UI/UX, while establishing an orphanage in Uganda.

What’s your spirit animal and why?

My spirit animal is the dolphin because I am highly relational, intuitive, playful, and seek harmony and peace. Like dolphins, I am also very protective of others and have a bold inner strength.