Dylan McDuffie

What city are you from?
Fort Worth

About Me
Hello! My name is Dylan and I’m a designer/illustrator from Fort Worth. I grew up obsessed with drawing and would always try to sketch whatever cartoons would be on TV. I don’t think I’ve ever grown out of that. It’s always been my passion to make people happy through art, so the unique combination of creativity, business, and communication the design program offers has helped me see to that dream. I’m all about exploring different fields and trying new things, though my two main passions are UI/UX and illustration. On my off hours I’ll draw outside with my sketchbook and watch almost anything animated for inspiration.

Favorite memory in the Communication Design program
One time for typography class we were supposed to print a selfie of each of us at the library for proof we were doing research. At the time I hadn’t quite figured out how the large Epsons worked, so I printed my selfie way too big. During critique, all the students in class drew on my picture; my favorite one was the handlebar mustache my friend gave me. Never provide artists a picture of your face!