Cristina Romero

Where are you from?
Mexico City, Mexico

About Me
I have always been fascinated by art and design. When I moved to the states I found the publication American Girl and fell in love with how they communicated information in such a fun and understandable way. I especially liked the diagrams and drawings that the magazine and books contained. These have definitely been a huge influence on my work many years later. Additionally, I grew up going to the market with my mom and grandmother when I lived in Mexico, where the tents are almost as colorful as the artisan work that is being sold. I think that’s why even now, I still gravitate towards bright, lively colors and intricate patterns. When I’m not designing you can find me playing my ukulele, reading up on ways to live a more environmentally friendly life, or doodling on my iPad.

What’s your favorite memory from the Communication Design program?
I have so many its hard to choose just one, but I think the night that we found out if we made it past the second review has to be one of my favorites. I remember calling all of my friends hoping that we had made the program and being so happy to hear every single one of my close friends had passed. 2 years later I couldn’t imagine going through the program without them. 

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