Claire Hooper

What city are you from?
Garland, TX, USA
Woodway, TX, USA
Baton Rouge, LA, USA
Cookeville, TN, USA
Marietta, GA, USA
Greenville, TX, USA

About Me
Hello, my name is Claire. I am a UX designer/ researcher. I really love the initial phases of the design process when you get to really dig into a UX subject or opportunity and then have to figure out what the scope and the substance of all of the problems are that affect these before you start figuring out how to fix them. I enjoy watching classic Jim Carrey movies, baking, and restoring furniture. I can’t wait to get out into the UX design and research field to see what I can add to it and learn from it!

What was your favorite memory in the Communication Design program?
The one hour break we had during classes our second semester of sophomore year. We all got a little crazy during that break—we made funny drawings, listed to each other’s music, took impromptu piggyback rides through UNT’s new art and design building… doing these things helped us get to know each other really well.

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