Chloe Trent

What city are you from?
Cedar Hill, TX

About Me
Hello! I am Chloe Trent, a graphic designer who resides in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. I’ve had a passion for art since high school, where I learned design principles and was quickly drawn to different illustrative styles. I chose to follow a career path in graphic design because I enjoy problem-solving and aim to help people through design. Most of my projects consist of food, retail, fashion, and I am always open to various industries. My goal is to create designs that captivate the viewer and solutions to help communicate the brand.

After obtaining my BFA in May 2021, I will be attending grad school (Fall 2021) to acquire my MBA in Business Management. I plan to run my design agency one day and allow young designers to gain design experience through my business. Outside of communication design, I am a digital artist and painter who has a passion for art, illustration, and anything creative. In my free time, I like to drink green tea, bake cookies, watch anime, and draw on my tablet. Oh, and I’m a UNT mascot too!

What I’m looking forward to after the pandemic?
I’m not sure if this is considered a fun question but I definitely have an answer. After the pandemic, I am looking forward to working with people in person. I miss interacting with people outside of zoom calls, and I want to meet new people throughout my career. Also, I want to travel again without the fear of catching a virus. Luckily I’ve visited most states in America before the Pandemic, but I’m ready to travel outside America. I look forward to traveling before another pandemic of some kind hits the world.

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