Charlie Long

Where are you from?
Houston, Texas for the most part, but I spent my last two years of high school in Norway

About Me
I’ve always been into creative stuff and spent a long time trying to figure out how I was going to make a career outside of the arts. Eventually I realized design was a nice balance of practical and artsy and feel in love with it. In reality, it’s joined the arsenal of activities I fill my free time with alongside drawing, animating, customizing dolls, sculpting, book binding, writing, basket weaving, sewing, and so on. I’m constantly jumping from project to project and my craft supply hoard and benefited both me and my friends on a occasion which I think justifies the habit.

Comm. Design has been a roller coaster, as I’m sure my classmates could tell you. I originally didn’t pass the midpoint review, when I honestly thought I was a shoe in. That was a rough winter break and after weighing the options, I realized I really wanted this. So, after taking some time for me, I went to work knowing what my weaknesses were and seeking to work on them and succeed. And I did. And hopefully, I will continue to succeed both professionally and personally.

How will your classmates remember you?
Hopefully as someone eager to help out whenever possible.