Brandon Gunderson

Where are you from?
Dallas, Texas

About Me
Hello. I’m Brandon. I’m a graphic designer, Illustrator, and printmaker from Dallas, Texas. I was introduced to graphic design through a high school class and have never looked back. I love that design allows you to learn new things everyday through working with all kinds of clients, trying new approaches to your process, and working with whatever creative discipline is needed for the project at hand.  Through printmaking, I have found a way to create in a very hands-on way that can’t be achieved with a computer. I find that both my design and print work have greatly benefited from my growing understanding of both. I hope to work in an environment where I can continue to grow as a designer and person among passionate and inventive people.

Outside of design, I spend my time trying to appreciate life to the fullest. I love to cook, play basketball, and dance. When I am not working on a project, I try to spend as much time as I can away from my smartphone and computer.

What’s something that’s is always on your work desk?
A pencil and paper. The opportunities are limitless. You are unrestricted by your knowledge of a computer program or the rigid and confined spaces of a keyboard and digital text. If you can think it, you can put it on paper.

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