Bianca Beltran

Where are you from?
San Juan, Puerto Rico

About Me
All my life I have been an artist. One of my earliest memories of myself is collecting objects whose colors complimented one another the best and proceeding to paint and draw sketches of them. My parents always encouraged my creativity and nurtured my interest in the arts by signing me up for art classes. Every year I was able to learn something new involving the formal principles of art. I told my parents by my 7th grade year that I would study to become a Graphic Designer one day…not having a clue what that entailed. It wasn’t until I came to study Communication Design at UNT where I finally got a taste of this brand new language I had not known before. I now have an appreciation for typography, grid-systems, layout, and the infinite possibilities of effective visual-communication. It was never easy being a student in this program. I took a lot of hard hits. However, the more I learned to speak and execute this new found language, it quickly became very rewarding. I have accomplished a dream from my youth, I went to art school, and I became a Graphic Designer and it feels f***ing awesome!

What’s on your designer playlist?
I’m always listening to something that gets me in the zone. Music that reinforces my excitement about being creative has been my sherpa throughout this program. I mostly like to blast full albums while I work in my studio. I enjoy listening to very energetic, emotional, and upbeat music by artists such as Björk, The Knife, and CocoRosie just to name a few.

What is your go-to phrase in the program/life?
Great design cannot exist without the foundation of art or creative vision.