Ashley Linch

What city are you from?
Flower Mound, Texas

About Me
I’m Ashley, a communication designer who enjoys creating identity systems.

After four years in the communication design program, I found that I love the challenge of identifying client problems and solving them creatively. I particularly enjoy using unique typography, beautiful color palettes, and interesting patterns to create design solutions.

Typography has always been my first love— starting when I was 5 and spent most of my time trying to write my name as creatively as possible and with as many colors as possible. Writing words creatively turned into cursive, calligraphy, and lettering, until I finally found my way to the world of design. Now I’m particularly fond of identity systems, but still like to play with typography in my free time.

How will your classmates remember you?
As the girl who played music constantly, probably to the point of annoyance.
Specifically my “Christmas Trap” playlist.

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