April Seiler

What city are you from?
Highland Village, Texas, USA

About Me
Hello, my name is April, and I like to create comprehensive user experiences using both my knowledge and skills as a researcher and a designer. I am interested in developing holistic approaches that guide the development of meaningful design outcomes that will affect society, or specific groups living within it, in a positive way. Being passionate about contributing to a positive future while also understanding and celebrating the past, I find myself working to use technology integrated with design to better represent who we are as humans and to connect us back to nature. As a user experience design major at UNT, I have learned much about the ways that humans interact with design artifacts and systems from both mental and physical perspectives, and I plan to use this knowledge in ways that are both ethical and beneficial to society.

What is your go-to phrase as a designer?
“A designer is responsible for the work they put into the world.”—Mike Monteiro

What is something that’s always within arm’s reach when you’re working and why?
My sketchbook does not leave my side during me engagement with anything that I am working on. Doodling, sketching, and note-taking are the foundation upon which I build my thought processes.