Andrew Galvan 

What city are you from?
Houston, Texas

About Me
Hello! My name is Andrew Galvan. I’m a graphic designer, tea enthusiast and amateur gardener. I’m originally from Houston but have found that anywhere can be a new home when in good company. As a collaborative worker, it’s always exciting to follow others’ thought processes and learn something new along the way. I am interested in sustainable packaging and what that could mean for the future of design. Outside of designing, I like to reconnect with the outdoors, I can typically be found hiking, playing tennis, searching for new houseplants or hanging out at the park with my dog Pear. 

What’s something that is always on your work desk?
Burt’s Bees Chapstick. I’m a lip biter, especially while I think; so far it has been the only thing that deters me from absolutely destroying my lips.