Analine Rojas

Where are you from?
Originally from Elgin, IL, but living in TX for the past 12 years

About Me
Hola…I’m Analine Rojas. I was originally born in the suburbs of Chicago, IL. However, I’ve been living a little more than half of my life in Fort Worth, TX. How did I get into design? Well, I’ve always had a passion to just create and be in the state of creativity that can be impactful, thus, my discovery of design. In addition to being creative, my other two fundamental pillars in my life are mentoring and learning. I truly enjoy inspiring others to fulfill their full potential, especially young generations. On the other hand, I’m an everlasting learner. I enjoy travelling and just acquiring knowledge about anything. As for my life motto: Stay positive & brighten your day with a smile 🙂

What’s on your designer playlist?
Well it depends on my mood. But Bacilos – Simon Grossman – Vicente García