Amanda Pickett

What city are you from?
Flower Mound, Texas

About Me
Hey, my name is Amanda! I’ve always had a passion for doing anything creative, whether that be with design work, illustration, or sewing projects. I first got introduced to the world of graphic design back in high school and I haven’t looked back since. My major hobby outside of design is cosplaying (dressing up as an anime/fictional character). It’s proven to be a great way to clear my head when I’m stumped on a design project and there’s something magical about getting to create the costume and pull it all together with a wig and makeup. I’ve also been getting super into knitting lately and I’m determined to finish all the half-started scarves I have lying around. As long as I’m getting to create and share my love of art with the people close to me, I’m happy!

What’s on your designer playlist?
A good chunk of my go-to playlist is just the Mamma Mia soundtrack, honestly. There’s also an interesting blend of various other movie soundtracks with a lot of Fall Out Boy, Lady Gaga, Jon Bellion, and Twenty One Pilots to name a few more.

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