Amanda Allsup

What city are you from?
Mattoon, Illinois, USA

About me
Greetings! My name is Amanda Allsup. To begin with, I believe that design should address a real, human need, mix a passion for the involvement of all key stakeholders, and shed light on the path that is most trustworthy, pleasant to use, and user-centered. I’m passionate about building usable, useful and visually gratifying digital products that work to meet real needs for real people. As an open and dependable individual, I embrace constructive client criticism and use it to help me design or co-design viable products. User-centered design is not just a design buzzphrase for me—it is an attitude. I work diligently and thoughtfully to marry my clients’ and my user groups’ needs with my desire to develop and design real innovations and needed + wanted features. I believe that everyone needs some kind of creative outlet, otherwise, we would all go insane! SO—when I’m not designing, I’m working in my metalsmithing studio, or creating stained glass compositions as a form of meditation, or I’m illustrating based on photography I’ve shot.

What are some ways you’d like to use the knowledge you’ve constructed for yourself?
I would like to use what I’ve learned over the past four years to improve lives of those in our communities that have been labeled as “disabled” in some way. I’m a huge proponent of using the understandings I’ve gained from studying UX Design at UNT to protect the civil rights of people with disabilities, and to helped remove or reduce at least some of the many barriers they must confront.

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