Aileen Sanchez

Where are you from?
Denison, Texas

About Me
Hey there! I’m Aileen Sanchez, pronounced like the song “Come on Eileen”, just spelled a little differently. My work entails both digital and print design, and I hope to continue learning out in the real world and gaining even more skills to become a better designer. I originally had no idea what I had signed up for when I decided to pursue Communication Design. I almost changed my major freshman year because I didn’t think I would make the cut, but I can definitely say that I’m glad I decided to finish out that first semester.  I didn’t have much of a back-up plan if I didn’t get into the program, but here we are four years later.. About to become like.. real adults..

What’s your go-to phrase in this program/life?
In Karens words, whatever can go wrong, will. Never underestimate that phrase because its 100% true.