Adeline Fortenberry

Where are you from?
Era, Texas.

About Me
I think I’m one of those people that happened to stumble into graphic design with very little knowledge of it, and kind of spontaneously rolled with the punches, until I fell in love with it along the way and eventually graduated. That’s my approach to life, and design in general, really. Jump in, hold on, and enjoy the ride (and all the ebbs and flows that come with it.) Because of that approach, I’ve been a PR representative, large format print technician, IT assistant, baker, haunted house guide, and sign painter- and all of those things influence my design style. No matter what I happen to be doing next, know I’ll be doing it with curiosity, caffeine jitters, and a grin.

What on your designer playlist?
Lots of Mother Mother, Phoebe Bridgers, The 1975, HAIM, and Clairo, but I suppose it really depends on the project. I spent an all-nighter once blasting Ukrainian Europop. I recommend The Hardkiss if you’re interested. They’ve made some absolute motivational bangers.