Abril Caraballo-Marin

What city are you from?
I was born in Orange, California, USA, but I’m a Texan at heart.

About Me
Hi there, my name is Abril.

In 2017, my life trajectory shifted towards design after I’d finished volunteering at an ESL (English-as-Second-Language) center in Chad, Africa for a semester. (I know: unexpected.) During that experience, I was captivated by an animated video that effectively communicated an overview of the book of Exodus by utilizing well-designed visuals and audio. It was really thoughtfully rendered, and it left me with a memorable experience. Upon returning to the U.S.A., I met with the designers that made the video and was then inspired to study design. Soon after, I learned about User Experience Design and decided to pursue it since it allowed me to merge my interests in research, cross-cultural studies, visual design, and making a difference in peoples’ lives.

I have not looked back since then. I continue to be curious about the world and its diverse peoples, and am passionate about engaging in collaborative design to improve the lives of individuals and groups. Some of my interests are design anthropology, information design, systems design, and ethnography.

What I’m looking forward to after the pandemic?
Swing dancing and traveling to see my family in Mexico and Argentina.